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<value lang="en-UK"><![CDATA[COBECO FABULOUS BREAST DUO PACK 45CAP+30ML]]></value>CC Fabulous Breasts Duo Pack contains both the CC Fabulous Breasts Tablets and the CC Fabulous Breast Cream. The perfect combination for an optimal breast size.

CC Fabulous Breasts Tabs For fuller breasts Features:

  • Stimulates the growth of the breast tissue
  • Supports the breast muscles
  • Lifts the breasts in a natural way and provides more volume C.C.

Fabulous Breasts Tablets contribute in a natural way to fuller breasts. This balanced nutritional supplement makes the breasts firmer and lifts them from inside out. The unique formula based on natural ingredients supports the breast muscles and the growth of the breast tissue, and breast volume.

How does the product work?

These tablets contain a balanced blend of Fenugreek, Fennel seed and Saw Palmetto, which stimulate the breast growth. The unique feature of fenugreek is that it mimics the female hormone estrogen, while it supports prolactin – a hormone that stimulates the development of breast tissue. Fennel seed is used as natural plant-estrogen and has a positive effect on the breast growth.

Saw Palmetto is an herb, which stimulates the production of prolactin and contributes to the growth of breast tissue. Calcium is essential for the growth of the bones and the protection of the bone strength and it contributes to a good muscular function. There is an important relationship between estrogen and calcium; lower and /or low estrogen levels cause the body to absorb less calcium.

The addition of calcium guarantees the required amount of this mineral and ensures the healthy function of the body. Dong Quai, or Chinese Angelica, is also commonly known as 'woman ginseng’. This herb contains numerous active substances that stimulate female hormones. Cumin is an important source for the body’s needed minerals, including magnesium and iron. Capsicum Annuum improves the blood circulation and therefore contains multiple stimulating properties.

  • Amount: 45 capsules


CC Fabuolus Breasts Cream Features: 

CC Fabulous Breasts Cream is an exclusive cream that tightens and enlarges the breasts in a unique way. Supports the natural beauty. The unique formula based on natural ingredients improves the elasticity of the skin, making it feel healthy and lets the breasts look tight and beautiful. CC Fabulous Breasts Cream feels soft and is quickly absorbed. Regular usage will give you firmer and fuller breasts.

How does the product work?

The cream contains active plant extracts including Calendula as a main ingredient. These plant hormones activate the growth of the breasts and are therefore also known as a natural ingredient for breast enlargement. The added natural oils, extracts and vitamins also provide optimal nutrition for the skin. Allantoin has a healing and cell-regenerating effect that restores and moisturizes the skin from the inside, thus improves the elasticity in a visible and tangible way.

Vitamin E in combination with the selected herbal extracts supports the elasticity of the breast tissue and tightens the skin, making the breasts look lifted. Apply daily for best results a generous amount to the breasts and massage it gently until the cream is totally absorbed by the skin.

  • Amount: 30 ml


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